Enhance Comfort and Save Energy with Total Home Control
With today's new technology, saving energy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your lifestyle or conveniences. Lutron devices address a wide range of energy savings solutions such as lighting control, temperature and small applicance control.

Here we’ll highlight some simple Lutron ideas that can help you save energy while adding ambiance, style, and convenience to your home. Choose from basic, expandable, or advanced solutions to create inviting spaces in one room, many rooms, or throughout your entire home.

Lutron Home Control+ App

iPad app

Enjoy complete command of your system from your favorite armchair, or favorite vacation spot. The iPad® app. automatically displays keypads and devices already in your system and allows you to control them all in real time. A convenient Home Glance screen keeps your favorite keypad and devices in easy reach. The Energy page lets you save energy using the “Green” button.
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Light Control – Dimming CFLs and LEDs

Every time you dim the lights you save energy. Lutron has dimmers that work with all types of light sources, from incandescent and halogen to dimmable compact fluorescent (CFL) and dimmable LEDs.

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CFLs and LEDs already use less energy than standard bulbs, so dimming these highly efficient bulbs saves additional energy. Lutron offers C.L dimmers for stand-alone solutions or phase-adaptive dimmers and LED drivers for system solutions.


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Light Control – Sensors

SensorsAn occupancy/vacancy sensor is ideal for rooms where lights are often inadvertently on, such as a child’s room. Lutron also manufactures vacancy-only sensors to comply with California Title 24 requirements.

Daylight sensors not only save energy, they provide that perfect balance of electric light and daylight making a room more inviting.

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Daylight Control – Shades

ShadesYou can control Lutron shades using keypads, IR remotes, or wireless tabletop controls. Automated shades make it easy to adjust shades based on the season, which can save 10-30%* on heating and cooling costs.

*Lutron commissioned simulation by T.C. Chan Center for Building Simulation and Energy Studies, University of Pennsylvanian, September 2008.

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Small Appliance Control

The plug-in appliance module offers the ultimate in convenience – just plug it in and turn off standby power from a keypad or PICO™ wireless control. Standby power can also be turned off automatically when a room is unoccupied when the module is working in conjunction with an occupancy/vacancy sensor.

New! Temperature Control

Temperature ControlTemperature control can save up to 16% or more* on heating and cooling costs. Ideal for retrofit locations, Lutron seeTemp can be mounted in locations that would not normally be appropriate for a thermostat, such as exterior walls and sunny spaces. An accompanying wireless temperature sensor is what allows the temperature to be measured in the optimum locations.

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Combining Energy Saving Strategies

Lutron offers total home control systems for control of electric light, daylight, small appliances, and temperature.  Having complete control with one touch not only adds a “wow” factor to a home, but also helps maximize energy savings.

Total Home Control Room Solutions


Save Energy with Total Home Control

Add light control to a front entry and you’ll never have to walk into a dark home. With a wireless control, you can turn on lights before you even get out of your car.

You don’t even have to turn your lights on full bright—you still have the option of dimming them, which saves energy. And if you dim compact fluorescents or LEDS with a dimmer designed specifically for these energy efficient light sources, you’ll save even more.

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Kitchen Energy-Saving SolutionsThe kitchen often has plenty of windows, so it’s an ideal room for daylight control. A daylight sensor orchestrates the perfect balance of electric light and daylight by dimming lights and adjusting automated shades based on the amount of daylight entering the room.

Family Room

Family Room Energy-Saving Solutions A family room is the perfect area for appliance control. Use the plug-in appliance module to avoid wasting energy when electronics aren’t in use.

You can turn off standby power from a wireless control or it can be turned off automatically when you leave a room via an occupancy/vacancy sensor.

Master Suite

Master Suite Energy-saving SolutionsInstalling temperature control in the master bedroom means you can conveniently lower a room’s temperature at night. And a simple press of the “All off” button ensures all your house lights are off.

In addition, automated shades help lower cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter.

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